About Premier

The beginning statement and purpose of our company was to provide the absolute highest quality materials and products in everything we build while being mindful and thoughtful of our customer's preferences and budgets, culminating in our exacting demand for uncommon results. We mandate, that while we are in business to generate revenue, our sole focus is; truly partnering with our customers to form a symbiotic relationship, working together to achieve their goals and dreams. Exceed their expectations, resolve issues and overcome obstacles, providing a resource they can depend on for life. We are not interested in a one time customer, but rather a long term friend.

"Buildings rise, and buildings fall as time evolves. Fortunes are made at the hands of business, but true wealth comes from focusing on the heart, passion and desire of others".

------ Unknown Source

Premier Building Group LLC (Premier Building/PBG) is a company founded in the restoration aspect of building, in some cases an extreme form of remodeling. In 2002, a select group of insurance adjusters and business owners convinced me to fill a need as they were disappointed with local area restoration companies who sought extreme revenues for shoddy work. In essence, these adjusters cared enough for their customers to offer them an alternative, helping to change the status quo. Today, we are based in Edmond, Oklahoma, richly blessed with hundreds of customers, and proud to have the opportunity to serve the greater Oklahoma City metro area.

Already very experienced in "ground up" construction, we began to seek the best in all trades to perform work they enjoyed and truly cared about. Simultaneously, seeking partnerships with top-rated material vendors and interior design centers, we have morphed into a company offering custom-built homes, extraordinary remodeling, and life-affirming outdoor living-spaces, because we are always seeking the newest methods, latest designs, and fashions. All with one purpose, having the knowledge, the means, and the ability, to communicate with our customers on a personal level, truly giving ear to understanding their goals and, in that trust, provide results that surpass their expectations!